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NAIKAI is Japan's leading producer of salt for food processing,grocery, de-icing and other use.
NAIKAI has a long history and our products have superior performance characteristics with high quality.

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NAIKAI is the most widely recognized salt brand in Japan.
With roots tracing back to 1829, NAIKAI has made many products to the industry and home throughout 170 years.


Salt is the core of our business. NAIKAI produces a heavily condensed saline solution from SETO sea water and boil down to blossom a residue of delicious sea salt.
You may notice some difference in the production method between Japan and other countries.


Sophisticated chemical product lineup.
Magnesium chloride,Magnesium hydroxide,Magnesium sulfate,Bromine etc.

Real Estate

Real Estate Enterprise is our growing business.
We show you our development of KOJIMA,Kurashiki City area.

Nozaki Historical Museum

Nozaki Historical Museum is displaying a long history of salt manufacture in Japan.

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